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March 14th 2021 - Capital Star Launch - Press Release

About Us

Capital Star brings the latest developments in blockchain technology to the world of finance. Investing has never been a more competitive field, and as we move forward, only the genuinely innovative will survive. The evolution of blockchain technology presents an enormous opportunity to early adopters and innovators. Capital Star is here to lead the pack towards a brighter future.

The goal that drives Capital Star to go even further beyond is to develop practical applications of blockchain technology in algorithmic trading systems. Blockchains are a powerful tool that the slow-moving giants of finance have not been able even to begin to exploit.

At Capitalstar, we are striving to lead the industry in innovation in the development of algorithmic trading systems. We will achieve this through the demonstrated skills and new ideas of our dynamic development team.

  • As an industry leader, our mission’s scope extends far beyond the boundaries of Capital Star itself, driving innovation and development across the industry.
  • Our company has the will to bring these practical applications of blockchain technology from concept to reality.
  • We are a dynamic force for driving innovation into unexplored territories
  • Capital Star is your liaison for achieving untold levels of success through the ultimate implementation of algorithmic trading systems.


Our team is led by seasoned investors and savvy technology managers.

James Allen


Chris Dunham


Sergei Kashinski

Chief Technology Officer

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Capital Star Releases Research Papers

Milan - July 2020

Capital Star has published a preliminary framework for trading automation based on Blockchain technology, python, and PHP open source. Initial testing was conducted by a group of seasoned Forex traders in a controlled environment. Due to the massive potential this software has, we have provided an executive overview and basic research methodologies. While we understand this may be a bit lacking, it has already been accepted and currently used in certain environments.


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